Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nurses - angels or demons?

Nursing is the first and last desire of men, from childbirth to their deathbed. - naisip ko lang


Just before the first ray of morning sunshine hit my office window, I felt cold. Cold feet, cold hands, cold stomach. Limbs getting loose on the onset of an unwelcomed fit. I went to the restroom and the mirror bare a face of a timid monster. Almost blown-out eyes framed by pale skin and bones, holding a handkerchief. The hate and love affair with the bowl lasted for almost 10 minutes.

It could be the coffee. Or better yet the vendo coffee. The difference is a thousand arometer and a stir. But tonight. i just had two cups less than my usual. Could it be something else? Or worse, could it be someone...? (whisper Aswang 7 times and make a sign of the Cross - lola maria)

I went to see the nurse downstairs. That resemble more of a crawl, the walk to her dungeon was like a lifetime. When i got there, i reached for her even colder bed and started complaining like a bitch who was just robbed of her regular customer. Says it could really be the coffee. It's acidic. But i just had the eternal burger and fries round midnight. She then dismissed it as ordinary abdominal cramps. I repeated to her that im not experiencing stabbing nor menstral pain but just mere dizziness(or hallucination). She took my BP and reported 100 over 80, a normal for my age and lifestyle. As unknown discomfort still wretch my every bone and tissue, human pleadings clinging to dear life found a silent audience in the soft feathery comfort of the clinic pillows. The nurse then handed me a familiar bottle of green ointment. After applying some generous amount on my tummy, i was dumbfounded by her uttering, "Baka buntis ka lang...."

The last word resounded like it was the last i will ever hear before thy kingdom come. Darkness suddenly engulfed after a blast of stars herald me to oblivion. Im not asleep yet and i still have my mental faculty alert. Only that darkness covered my sight. I can still feel the crispy sheets and soft pillows. Panic attempted to sink in but was driven off by my tired body. I can only ponder on the last words the nurse unwittingly threw me. How is it to be pregnant? A most unholy thought to think of for myself. I thought of nanay and manang instead. The former having two offsprings and the latter five (at age 30). I can only wonder of the row women have with the human anatomy when their lunar cycle is disturbed by a gift of life planted inside them. Probably a mix of heavenly-helly experience for 9 months (more or less for first born). Im not particularly insterested with the planting part, but by the growing and nurturing. I can only appreciate the sacrifices of my mom carrying a stubborn sister and myself, an EXTRA-talented son(can eat fire and what not).

Then a txt message (yes beh, distorbo ka, muwah!). I jumped off the hospital bed and found the nurse, herself sleeping. Her angelic face rested on another pillow held by both arms on top of her computer table. Her curly hair partly covering her left cheek but not her dimple. Not her entire rosy cheek that resemble the traditional face of the cuddly cherubims. Again, lovely dimple. I dont really hear it, but i see she is enjoying the lull. And im not really sure what i saw, but i think she smiled back at me at one point while i was actually staring at her, innocently sleeping. Hmmm Half awake myself - i kept wondering, was she thinking of getting married too and getting pregnant? Whichever comes first. Having her own child? My child? My child!!! I suddenly realized we're just alone inside the clinic. The only human nonoy, an unsuspecting(?) nurse and the cold bed in between us. I went for the door, i'm not staying longer, I stepped out and run-off to my office. It could be a trap and the green oil could be some potion concocted for a peculiar prey, the site IT guy with equally green blood. Tsk tsk tsk...

So i'll ask you back Mike M., what exactly is it with nurses? hehehe

- nonoy

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