Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pare Cielo ba..? Ako yun!!! Ako yun!!!

What's with a name? Mine is Roberto. Not just manly enough but i am, fortunately or unfortunately, named after my dad.

“Si dad! Si dad! Palagi na lang si dad! Si dad na walang malay!"

Hehe, apparently my dad knows. I did not have to admit anything though. One thing i learned from straight friends here in MM is that even if you're caught in the act, not that i was caught in the act, always DENY!!! (di ba Abe? hehe) Silence is an option, but if you can have your way out with words, then start throwing some. They'll end up saying sorry to you instead. :P

And that's what happened. Dawn after our big "fight", dad cut short his vacation here in MM and went home to Iloilo. But before stepping out the door, he hugged me and said "Sorry toto" (with ilonggo lambing). I knew what he meant, he did not have to ellaborate. And he did not. That was the most heartaching and liberating words i heard from him. We often see this in war movies, removing a bullet, or a sword or an arrow from a soldier's body is very painful. But to save his life, one needs to do it first before treating the wound and before healing begins. Nabunutan ng tinik, that's more like it. But don't get me wrong. That did not give me license to bitch-around. I still work, as they say, in the most discreet way possible. Thanks to my harabas looks, doing it is a piece of cake.

So it was not difficult to find that it took me several months before i outed myself in the present working place im in. I dont really have to tell them about it and tell them everything, especially the juicy details (belat to them). It's enough they know i like men too (belat to me). And the workplace is full of men. IT ba naman. hehe Minsan pag nagbubuhat ako ng monitor, nasasabi ko, kababae kong tao, ako pinapagawa nila nito, nyahahaha!

But im freakin' grateful for the guys there. They easily accepted, to some tolerated, me just as my dad did. I think, it's because 1) they are reasonable people, 2) im a good person(belat ulit) and 3) im the only dalaga in the group. hihi *blush* Until one Sup hired a female IT. GRRRRRR I was dethroned. Ako na si Dyosa Cielo, masasapawan ng chick. Hindi pwede!! Hehe I thought of a plan. To win the girl's attention and affection. AWWW, turned out i knew her. And i think, if i did pursue my plan, she would have said, "Let's just be sisters..." haha Im happy i have a fellow to have a gurl-talk with if the gang meets up again. hehe But seriously, she's pretty, malamig boses(wink @ mike) malambing. I thought she's ilongga when i heard her voice. Then i found out, ahhh sya pala. hehe

Anyway, she can be Dyosa Tierra, a centaur from the plains of Bulacan. Now we just have to figure out who is Dyosa Agua among the IT guys. Hmmmm you smell something fishy..?


Bambun dumarum kalyedun ciera cielo!

- nonoy cielo

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