Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Summer Challenge

Date: March 4, 2009
Time: 7:24 AM

Two days before I leave for Puerto Princesa, I took this picture to document my skin tone. I dont really have the luxury of vanity but this summer I want to get suntanned.

oo na, alam ko na yun... hehe

I'm already dark. What more could I ask for? Excuse my occasional conceit, I already like my current skin tone. But this time, I really want it darker.

Anyway, I cannot get taller or handsomer anymore, not that I am already one (pun forcibly intended), so practical wisdom dictates to focus on things that you can change.

I want to get DARKER. hehe

We'll see next tuesday when I'm back. I'll take another photo; same camera, same settings, same angle, same lighting, same office, same time of the day.

Sorry beh, your La Union trip was cancelled. Waves at Baler are year-round though if you want to go alone. But you can stay in Pasay and instead ask Nday and Anne to join you watch the eheads concert at MOA.

MOA MOA Muwah!

- nonoy

PS sexy ko beh? hehe