Thursday, March 26, 2009

5++ years, continued...

Just this morning, we received a directive to submit, as part of our yearly tasks, a development plan for the year.

There was a clamor. (haha gulo nyo eh) Thanks to the very able Mike M (not Mosqueda), we were guided on how to proceed. Guided but not dictated upon. We were advised to align our goals to that of Management. We will follow, but that doesnt mean we surrender.

Nyahaha napaka progresibo nitong blog entry ko ah.

Anyway, ang sinasabi ko lang naman mga katoto, dapat i align nga natin yung goals and expectations natin sa kung ano ang napag isipan ng nakakataas. Pero nde naman sinabi na magpakatamad tayo at gayahin na lang lahat ng sinabi nila.

Gaya ng nakita nating example, there are ways to accomplish a common goal. Each one of us(and each site also) has different strengths and weaknesses. Cliche dictates that we just bank on our strengths and double the effort on our weaknesses.

San ba tayo magaling? eh di mas igihan natin, pakita sa mga cliente at mga boss natin na magaling nga tayo, may kwenta ang ginagawa natin at masaya tayo gawin yun. San ba tayo nagkukulang? eh di pag aralan bakit may disconnect. Magtanong sa mga nakakatanda. Humingi ng advice. Kahit halos lalaki lahat tayo sa grupo (except for me, Dyosa Cielo and Rida, Dyosa Tierra), wag mahiyang magtanong o humingi ng tulong. Hindi kabawasan sa pagkalalaki ang humingi ng saklolo, kundi tanda ng maturity at decernment na higit na kailangan ng grupo natin, kesa sa mababaw na kabruskuhan. (linteks, malalim na nga ang english, malalim din ang tagalog hehe).

I was really elated (meaning natuwa, nagalak) with what transpired this morning. We were given a task to individually accomplish(Deadline March 30), but we gathered(at least sa bridge call at sa netmeeting) and discussed on how to complete it. I'll hazard saying the obvious, but hey guys, we just showed ourselves we are capable of cooperating for a common goal. And i really hope the spirit lives on for the rest of the year. Ika nga sa grade 4 GMRC, mas marami malinis ang walis tingting kesa sa barbeque stick (or something like that).

Alas onse trenta na pala, may call pa ako, bukas na lang natin tapusin... hehehe

- nonoy

PS beh matulog ka na, sunduin mo pa ako alas tres dito... nood tayo sine sa gale?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

5++ years of fixing computers... still broke but never broken.

To a handful of readers here, cheers! It’s been a while since I post an entry. Good for you beh, you can drop by and clatter on the chat box. How’s ram and dodge by the way? Hehe

It has been a busy week, and I’m still expecting more to come for the rest of the quarter. 2008 was a good year, having been able to accomplish much of my New Year’s resolution then. Hoping for the same this year and it seems the first two moths and so show a steady follow. March 23 is quite special, Holy Wednesday last year when I jumped ship to this company and the first year was an amazing journey. Working with a new bunch of office rascals, doing what I love to do: BLOGGING… este working in the IT industry pala. It’s the same BPO environment like in the previous company, but totally different field. From working in operations to providing support, with same accountability but different responsibilities, it was a refreshing career move.

Altogether, moving to Metro Manila was a bit of a hasty, unthought-of decision. Forced by some unfortunate circumstances 5 years ago (warrants another blog entry), I flew in with just my birth certificate carefully folded among some “office attire” packed inside an ultra-fancy carton box of Marlboro and holding an almost doled-out mobile phone from a close-friend-kumpare (*wink* @ King hehe). That night, my silver Arowana jumped off to death from its claustrophobic dwelling. Bad omen I thought. But Bert-M, being an optimistic dad, interpreted it as martyrdom. The mystic fish died as a substitute for an imminent danger in my life. Creepy, I shrugged it off my system thinking it is better that way, than for my fish to die of hunger because my father was busy with playing his favorite sports, “golp”.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nurses - angels or demons?

Nursing is the first and last desire of men, from childbirth to their deathbed. - naisip ko lang


Just before the first ray of morning sunshine hit my office window, I felt cold. Cold feet, cold hands, cold stomach. Limbs getting loose on the onset of an unwelcomed fit. I went to the restroom and the mirror bare a face of a timid monster. Almost blown-out eyes framed by pale skin and bones, holding a handkerchief. The hate and love affair with the bowl lasted for almost 10 minutes.

It could be the coffee. Or better yet the vendo coffee. The difference is a thousand arometer and a stir. But tonight. i just had two cups less than my usual. Could it be something else? Or worse, could it be someone...? (whisper Aswang 7 times and make a sign of the Cross - lola maria)

I went to see the nurse downstairs. That resemble more of a crawl, the walk to her dungeon was like a lifetime. When i got there, i reached for her even colder bed and started complaining like a bitch who was just robbed of her regular customer. Says it could really be the coffee. It's acidic. But i just had the eternal burger and fries round midnight. She then dismissed it as ordinary abdominal cramps. I repeated to her that im not experiencing stabbing nor menstral pain but just mere dizziness(or hallucination). She took my BP and reported 100 over 80, a normal for my age and lifestyle. As unknown discomfort still wretch my every bone and tissue, human pleadings clinging to dear life found a silent audience in the soft feathery comfort of the clinic pillows. The nurse then handed me a familiar bottle of green ointment. After applying some generous amount on my tummy, i was dumbfounded by her uttering, "Baka buntis ka lang...."

The last word resounded like it was the last i will ever hear before thy kingdom come. Darkness suddenly engulfed after a blast of stars herald me to oblivion. Im not asleep yet and i still have my mental faculty alert. Only that darkness covered my sight. I can still feel the crispy sheets and soft pillows. Panic attempted to sink in but was driven off by my tired body. I can only ponder on the last words the nurse unwittingly threw me. How is it to be pregnant? A most unholy thought to think of for myself. I thought of nanay and manang instead. The former having two offsprings and the latter five (at age 30). I can only wonder of the row women have with the human anatomy when their lunar cycle is disturbed by a gift of life planted inside them. Probably a mix of heavenly-helly experience for 9 months (more or less for first born). Im not particularly insterested with the planting part, but by the growing and nurturing. I can only appreciate the sacrifices of my mom carrying a stubborn sister and myself, an EXTRA-talented son(can eat fire and what not).

Then a txt message (yes beh, distorbo ka, muwah!). I jumped off the hospital bed and found the nurse, herself sleeping. Her angelic face rested on another pillow held by both arms on top of her computer table. Her curly hair partly covering her left cheek but not her dimple. Not her entire rosy cheek that resemble the traditional face of the cuddly cherubims. Again, lovely dimple. I dont really hear it, but i see she is enjoying the lull. And im not really sure what i saw, but i think she smiled back at me at one point while i was actually staring at her, innocently sleeping. Hmmm Half awake myself - i kept wondering, was she thinking of getting married too and getting pregnant? Whichever comes first. Having her own child? My child? My child!!! I suddenly realized we're just alone inside the clinic. The only human nonoy, an unsuspecting(?) nurse and the cold bed in between us. I went for the door, i'm not staying longer, I stepped out and run-off to my office. It could be a trap and the green oil could be some potion concocted for a peculiar prey, the site IT guy with equally green blood. Tsk tsk tsk...

So i'll ask you back Mike M., what exactly is it with nurses? hehehe

- nonoy

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bhe as my CANDLE

Life brings many blessings in disguise
Only time do we come to appreciate
That everything and everyone that we
Encountered are his doings.

once again, after a long week of work
I realized a lot of things...

from work and from you bhe
Things that we tend to ignore
But for me, it is a fact that really happens…

Good people are like candles
Like lighted candles
The darker the night,
The brighter they shine
They do not make noises
About their brightness,
And do not lose their brightness
By sharing it and inspiring others…
Let us all be good candles bhe…
And let “others” (you know who these are)
be bad candles
For all we know..
Bad candles burns fast
And gets replaced quicker…

Love you bhe…

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pare Cielo ba..? Ako yun!!! Ako yun!!!

What's with a name? Mine is Roberto. Not just manly enough but i am, fortunately or unfortunately, named after my dad.

“Si dad! Si dad! Palagi na lang si dad! Si dad na walang malay!"

Hehe, apparently my dad knows. I did not have to admit anything though. One thing i learned from straight friends here in MM is that even if you're caught in the act, not that i was caught in the act, always DENY!!! (di ba Abe? hehe) Silence is an option, but if you can have your way out with words, then start throwing some. They'll end up saying sorry to you instead. :P

And that's what happened. Dawn after our big "fight", dad cut short his vacation here in MM and went home to Iloilo. But before stepping out the door, he hugged me and said "Sorry toto" (with ilonggo lambing). I knew what he meant, he did not have to ellaborate. And he did not. That was the most heartaching and liberating words i heard from him. We often see this in war movies, removing a bullet, or a sword or an arrow from a soldier's body is very painful. But to save his life, one needs to do it first before treating the wound and before healing begins. Nabunutan ng tinik, that's more like it. But don't get me wrong. That did not give me license to bitch-around. I still work, as they say, in the most discreet way possible. Thanks to my harabas looks, doing it is a piece of cake.

So it was not difficult to find that it took me several months before i outed myself in the present working place im in. I dont really have to tell them about it and tell them everything, especially the juicy details (belat to them). It's enough they know i like men too (belat to me). And the workplace is full of men. IT ba naman. hehe Minsan pag nagbubuhat ako ng monitor, nasasabi ko, kababae kong tao, ako pinapagawa nila nito, nyahahaha!

But im freakin' grateful for the guys there. They easily accepted, to some tolerated, me just as my dad did. I think, it's because 1) they are reasonable people, 2) im a good person(belat ulit) and 3) im the only dalaga in the group. hihi *blush* Until one Sup hired a female IT. GRRRRRR I was dethroned. Ako na si Dyosa Cielo, masasapawan ng chick. Hindi pwede!! Hehe I thought of a plan. To win the girl's attention and affection. AWWW, turned out i knew her. And i think, if i did pursue my plan, she would have said, "Let's just be sisters..." haha Im happy i have a fellow to have a gurl-talk with if the gang meets up again. hehe But seriously, she's pretty, malamig boses(wink @ mike) malambing. I thought she's ilongga when i heard her voice. Then i found out, ahhh sya pala. hehe

Anyway, she can be Dyosa Tierra, a centaur from the plains of Bulacan. Now we just have to figure out who is Dyosa Agua among the IT guys. Hmmmm you smell something fishy..?


Bambun dumarum kalyedun ciera cielo!

- nonoy cielo

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Summer Challenge - A Failure (so far)

The challenge was suppose to be a no-sweat (yeah a bit ironic) hehe!! Just took this picture(After) during my breaktime.

Aww parang mas maitim pa ako last week before mag Palawan kesa sa after. Lumaki lang ata tyan ko eh. Thanks to Tito Will's delectable food at Badjao Seafront Restaurant. har har

Tingin mo beh?

- nonoy

Monday, March 9, 2009

Palawan Trip - Epilogue

I want to start my memoirs of this trip to Palawan with the Epilogue.


It has been a relatively quiet night. People dont mind much of other people's business. Everyone is at peace with what they do and what they have become. Enjoying their own bottle of beer (each one of us, enjoying a different variety). At least, that's what i have observed from the people i last encountered with. And that's what i see in me.

With a bottle of San Miguel Premium in one hand and my mobile phone in the other hand, I realized i have found what i have been looking for in this trip, in this respite from the usual metro jungle and from a much denser forest that is myself. Every gulp is a new experience. And in between, i dont have to be bothered with what do i have to do with the mobile phone im holding. I no longer ask or think, who should i call or txt, what should i say or ask?

I just enjoyed the ice cold beer. Premium. I have gone beyond worrying. Despite being an expert on this, i still find myself an acute paranoid before. Not too big to take seriously, not too small to take for granted. But now is totally different. No longer attached to desire, want, need, like and even dislike which before, still strangely appeal to me. To find oneself, one need to lose himself.

Looking back now, I think it was not the trip. It couldn't be just the trip.

- nonoy

Friday, March 6, 2009

At the end of my shift I went straight to your office
and fetch you from your work
we ate at McDonalds and talked about our plans for the weekend
2nd floor was empty so we were at each others arms..

And from there we drop by a mall to buy
some things that you need for your trip
just watching you look for things and walk..
it was a great feeling being there with you all the time

That moment I realized that I’ve changed..
never done this before
never been like this before
never felt like this before..

You made me laugh when you sometimes
get mad at me cause kelangan mo pa akong tawagin, hilain
na para akong bata na nasa mall na kasama ang mommy ko
just following you where ever you go..

Took a cab and rode all the way to the airport
that moment I realized my bhe is really leaving
I just closed my eyes and held your hand
The hell if people outside saw us sleeping with our hands together.

At the airport, we kissed for the last time
got off the cab and I followed you to the entrance
as you enter the door I realized
this is the first time I’ll be spending my weekends without you…

That time I realized..
Never done this before
Never been like his before
Never felt like this before...

just remember..
from now on..
no one has the right
to make your day bad

no one has the right
to make you feel bad
except ME..

Miss u bhe..


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm sorry...

When we read some good things written about us, we feel good. Our spirits are high and we just want to keep reading it.

The opposite is dreadful. Just makes you feel worse about yourself. But it's in the worse that we know more about ourselves. Our weaknesses, our frailties. It's when your shield are stripped off, revealing your very nature. It's not just the opportunity to see how people perceive who you are and who you're not. But also an opportunity to see for yourself who you really are and who you're not.

I've done a lot of bad things in the past. Regrettable things for me and for some people. Things that could possibly be the reason why a person would do a way with me. For good. It has been a "BIG bad JOKE" for me.

For this, I say sorry. Sorry to the people I've hurt before. And sorry to myself. I hope these people will forgive me for my faults. I also hope that I will forgive myself for my failures.

Thank you Jun for accepting me and for standing beside me. It has been unfair for you to have to stay with me on my lowest. I'm forever grateful for that. Thanks for the kind words that lift up my spirit back. Thank you for the first forgiveness you have given me when I did not even ask for it.

I did not really understand why im pursuing my Palawan trip even if you're not coming with me. Now I realize, this must be the reason. I would need this time off to rethink things. I'm going back to square one with the hope that when I attempt to step on square two, I'm not stepping on anyone's turf.

Again to show my sincere apologies, please excuse me if i have to mention names. Sorry to Centurion for disappointing you in so many times and ways. Sorry to Andrew for disappointing you too and for being instrumental to your kapariwaraan. Sorry to Mike A. for disappointing you as well when I considered you a friend/bunso. Magpagaling ka noy at wag mo pabayaan sarili mo. Sorry to Pedok and Tsupaeng for whatever fault i have caused you. Stay cheerful guys. Sorry to Jay for being a git when you were just plainly friendly. Dont be afraid to love, cause your doing it for yourself and not for others. Sorry to Str8 and Klasmeyt for being too naive and a disappointment as a fellow iskolar. Guys your acquaintance I've long for even from two years back, manong knows it. Sa iba na hindi ko na ma mention dito, patawad sa mga kakulangan at kapusukan ko, ni big_joke. Sa inyong lahat, salamat sa lahat ng magandang bagay na naibahagi nyo. Kila joms, mark b, marhk santa. tagay at silentboy. Salamat sa lahat. At gaya ng sabi ko dati sa txt, wala na si big_joke. Sana mapatawad nyo ako. At kung hindi man, nagpapaalam ako sa inyo ng maayos.

Gaya ng naibahagi ko kay Lukayo, I still believe that if it can be fixed, it will not be a problem. And if it can't be fixed, it should not be a problem. I'll accept it guys. Thank you and you all have a great life ahead!

- robert

Tumawag ka mamaya nanditong syota ko...

Mahirap talagang magmahal ng syota ng iba
Hindi mo mabisita kahit okey sa kanya
Mahirap oh mahirap talaga
Maghanap ka na lang kaya ng iba

Ngunit kapag nakita ang kanyang mga mata
Nawawala ang aking pagkadismaya
Sige lang sugod lang o bahala na
Bahala na kung magkabistuhan pa

Don't want to get back to this... It's kindda cute addictive, but it's really painful.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You and me face to face skin to skin
eyes locked in a trance of
passionate needs, wants and desires
as I am pulled into you
lifted so that no way
to escape the impending onslaught..
passion lust that will take over
minds souls hearts and bodies
knowing that neither us can
control avoid or attempt to stop it..
we can only let run it's course
give all that we are to it and
become what it demands us to..
let the love flow swell erupt
until neither of us is capable
of even speaking we only fall
into to deep satisfied slumber
with our arms wraped
arround each other..


this is my dream car nga pala..
since we have a visitor that reminded
me of something i want to have in the near future..
wanna ride this one anywhere with you in it..
just don't do anything naughty while im drivin'..


The Summer Challenge

Date: March 4, 2009
Time: 7:24 AM

Two days before I leave for Puerto Princesa, I took this picture to document my skin tone. I dont really have the luxury of vanity but this summer I want to get suntanned.

oo na, alam ko na yun... hehe

I'm already dark. What more could I ask for? Excuse my occasional conceit, I already like my current skin tone. But this time, I really want it darker.

Anyway, I cannot get taller or handsomer anymore, not that I am already one (pun forcibly intended), so practical wisdom dictates to focus on things that you can change.

I want to get DARKER. hehe

We'll see next tuesday when I'm back. I'll take another photo; same camera, same settings, same angle, same lighting, same office, same time of the day.

Sorry beh, your La Union trip was cancelled. Waves at Baler are year-round though if you want to go alone. But you can stay in Pasay and instead ask Nday and Anne to join you watch the eheads concert at MOA.

MOA MOA Muwah!

- nonoy

PS sexy ko beh? hehe

Monday, March 2, 2009

Things i wanna do to you..

kiss your eyes one by one
bite your ears so gently
eat your mouth so wildy
suck your tongue so deeply
while I go down your throat
hands on your beating heart
climb your waist so forcefuly
ups and downs, down below
beyond behind and beside
circle on fire,burning desire
moans loudly impatients words
infernal cadenced rhythm
more and more encores
till the breath is out of breath
the body nearly dried out of death
no minds, no thoughts, no brains
enters the sacred dance of
lifeonly divine drops of lights
melted in a burning emulsion
passion emotion in motion
give and receive in combustion
eternal gift is our own submission
inside the fury of our final coalition.


Nais Malaman - my song to you

Sa bawat oras na kasama ka
Walang minutong di namamangha
Bawat sulyap at mga hawak
Ang puso ko ay nagagalak
Bawat ngiti at bawat halik
Nakakapanabik, dahil sa...

Nais malaman sa buhay ko
Mga dalangin ng puso mo
Diringgin mga hikbi
Pangungulila sa bawat sandali
Halika't ika'y yakapin ko.

Salat man sa pangunawa,
Di ko mawari ang tadhana
Mong kay ilap ng ligaya
Mahal ka, mahal kita
Higit pa sa kanyang alaala
Nandirito ako, dahil sa...

Nais malaman sa buhay ko
Mga dalangin ng puso mo
Diringgin mga hikbi
Pangungulila sa bawat sandali
Halika't ika'y halikan ko.

Nagsusumamo o irog ko,
Hayaang ipadama pagsuyo ko
Hiling ko lang ikaw ay makita
Na sa piling ko'y masaya.

At sana pagbigyan mo rin
Sa paglalakbay mo ay kapiling
Ako itong nagnanais na makilala ka
Mga pinakatago tagong nadarama
Pagmamahal na kaya mong ibigay
Tutumbasan ng aking buhay...

Dahil sa...

Nais malaman ng puso ko
Mga bulong at dalangin mo
Diringgin bawat lambing
Pangungulila ko'y ikaw din.
Ikaw lang ang mamahalin....

Ikaw lang.

- nonoy

Sunday, March 1, 2009

rated R

Waaaaaaa tinanggal ko beh... sagwa... Just keep doing that if you want, but let's keep it to ourselves, and the neybors hehehe

Just postin' this one.. hehehe
dont wanna tell what that is..
if you guys cant figure it out.. well too bad for ya..

would want to make more of these to ya bhe..


Total 90 Zoom!!!

Takin pictures of our shoes.. doin' watever while waitin' for the doctor.. my bhe's pregnant?? hehehe
(thanks for uploading)
Pregnant ka dyan beh.. Pakasalan mo muna ako, hehe. I know someone from pasay who could do that. Gawa muna tau PNA :P
Whew last saturday was a blast! Late na ako magising, buti na lang move ng dentist yung appointment natin ng isang oras. Yoko pa tumayo sana, minsan lang ako matulog ng gabi. Minsan lang ako magising ng umaga. Pero isang tawag mo lang (at tatlong txt) tumayo na ako para maligo (yup naliligo din from time-to-time hehe). Sinundo mo pa ako sa bahay, tinawag ka tuloy ng pinsan ko na beh. hehe pano sanay na sila na kausap kita sa pono...
Inde ko talaga trip yung dentistang yun. Gwaping din sana pero parang sales lady kung maka hirit. Anyway, in any profession, one should be a good businessman to sell his services. Tong dentistang to, 'overselling' na hehe taas ng mark-up!! Anyway ok naman sana yung ginawa nya, pero hayun, kailangan natin bumalik today. Buti na lang na kasama kita. Wag mo lang balibagin yung dentista hehe kahit yung chick lang na assistant hehe (umayos ka beh...)
awwwww mamaya ko na tapusin... susunduin pa pla kita!!!
- nonoy
medyo busy start of week... mamayang umaga na lang update hehe
pa kiss muna pampabuenas, MUWAH!

Another week is about to be a part of the past
And a part the future will become a present
The only question is..
Was your week productive???

For me?.. I would say “IT WAS!!”..
After a week of long shifts, after enduring a long LDS a so called “Last Day Syndrome”
Was able to do something more than the usual
My week somehow became complete

And if you guys will ask why?
My answer would be simple…
That’s because I was able to pick-up my bhe from work
Had lunch and went home together for the first time and spent the whole weekend together..

For me it was complete because
I was able to see and be with my bhe
Once again, I was able to show how I love my bhe
And before we parted, our lips touched even if it was just for a minute (our lips were together all night long kaya ok lang hehe)

I am now part of you and you are now part of me
Every minute and every second I spent with you is a discovery
A discovery of a new world
An unforgettable experience from dusk till dawn..

Bhe I just hope that you had a great time as well as I did
And me bein’ there with your family/close friends was a precious moment spent
Looking forward for more discoveries..
Expecting more unforgettable experiences..
All that of course with my bhe by my side..

Love You!