Tuesday, March 24, 2009

5++ years of fixing computers... still broke but never broken.

To a handful of readers here, cheers! It’s been a while since I post an entry. Good for you beh, you can drop by and clatter on the chat box. How’s ram and dodge by the way? Hehe

It has been a busy week, and I’m still expecting more to come for the rest of the quarter. 2008 was a good year, having been able to accomplish much of my New Year’s resolution then. Hoping for the same this year and it seems the first two moths and so show a steady follow. March 23 is quite special, Holy Wednesday last year when I jumped ship to this company and the first year was an amazing journey. Working with a new bunch of office rascals, doing what I love to do: BLOGGING… este working in the IT industry pala. It’s the same BPO environment like in the previous company, but totally different field. From working in operations to providing support, with same accountability but different responsibilities, it was a refreshing career move.

Altogether, moving to Metro Manila was a bit of a hasty, unthought-of decision. Forced by some unfortunate circumstances 5 years ago (warrants another blog entry), I flew in with just my birth certificate carefully folded among some “office attire” packed inside an ultra-fancy carton box of Marlboro and holding an almost doled-out mobile phone from a close-friend-kumpare (*wink* @ King hehe). That night, my silver Arowana jumped off to death from its claustrophobic dwelling. Bad omen I thought. But Bert-M, being an optimistic dad, interpreted it as martyrdom. The mystic fish died as a substitute for an imminent danger in my life. Creepy, I shrugged it off my system thinking it is better that way, than for my fish to die of hunger because my father was busy with playing his favorite sports, “golp”.

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