Friday, March 13, 2009

Bhe as my CANDLE

Life brings many blessings in disguise
Only time do we come to appreciate
That everything and everyone that we
Encountered are his doings.

once again, after a long week of work
I realized a lot of things...

from work and from you bhe
Things that we tend to ignore
But for me, it is a fact that really happens…

Good people are like candles
Like lighted candles
The darker the night,
The brighter they shine
They do not make noises
About their brightness,
And do not lose their brightness
By sharing it and inspiring others…
Let us all be good candles bhe…
And let “others” (you know who these are)
be bad candles
For all we know..
Bad candles burns fast
And gets replaced quicker…

Love you bhe…

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