Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Uncertain of what’s going to happen
Fearful of what the future holds
but one thing is for sure
my life drastically changes every time I am with you…

I’m a kind of person who is straight forward, in control
Who thinks a head and makes sure that everything would go as planned
But every time I am with you
I tend to lose focus, I tend to lose control

Call me crazy, call me dumb
But your love takes me to extreme
That I end up sitting in a corner and ask myself
“what the hell is happening to me?”
Is it just me? Or is it your charm
Or maybe it is your passion of love
That amazes me every single day
And that I am honored and blessed that it was me that you chose
To be your partner

In your arms I feel like the world is so intense
That there is so much more to discover
That when I’m with you it seems time has no end
That I would want to unearth everything with you by my side

I’ve never felt like this before
I’ve never been like this before
But I like what I am feeling
And I like what I am becoming

My love for you grows stronger everyday bhe…
The more I think of you
The more am missing you
The more would want to be with you

This is what I feel
This is where I am
In a world everyone dreams to be into
And I wouldn’t trade it for anything else


Encantadia - A Prologue

Beh, there is a world i want to tell you about soon. Nakwento ko na onte yung iba sau.

Found their niche in this blogsphere recently. Soon you'll know more about that mystic world i use to visit.

As we trek our own secret forest together, i'll tell you about the magical characters i met before.

Gaya ng sa TV meron dyosa at kaharian. These people i hold dear in my heart. Kahit pa sulpot sulpot lang ako sa grupo, soon you'll understand how i value their friendship. We can learn much from their example. And appreciate the things that they value; like friendship, trust, respect, loyalty.

In fact you already met one of them. A very delightful person if i have to add. (paborito pala nya california maki, nde natin niyaya, hehe bad)

Get ready beh, you'll soon marvel at the majesty of a secret world i discovered... Encantadia.

- nonoy

Wushu the Dragon

Beh thanks for naming the tattoo, Wushu, my new baby.

Got it on February 14, 2009. Thanks to Gene Testa of Rob Galeria, this gorgeous serpent landed on my tummy. A cover-up of a scar of 8 years.

The Scar

December 8, 2000, my second birthday, i was rushed to the hospital to undergo an exploratory laparatomy. To avoid infection, they have to open my tummy and stitch-up the cut on my umbilical area to avoid further internal bleeding. Apparently, no amount of keloid removal cream can hide it nor a luxury of above-the-belt hair can conceal it. There is only one obvious solution to this. A tattoo.

Dad did not approve of it at first. But late last year when i told him about my plan, he gave his go signal, with a warning not to have more but one. Only on the scar.

The Design

Nothing quite significant for choosing a dragon to take refuge on my bulbous tummy (read: bilbil hehe). First choice was a centipede. Dad got one (among many) on his left forearm, also to cover a scar of his doing. But he suggested not to follow suit and instead put on a dragon for good luck. Centipede, he smarts on me, symbolizes the devil's minion. One in the family is enough, he concludes. I did not ask further and farther.

The day before i got the tattoo, Friday the 13th, I told Gene Testa about my design. He said he'll show me a tribal dragon. (akala ko papakita nya dragon nya hehe joke lang parekoy!) Ayus naman, it sports of an oriental dragon (serpent-like) with a pose ready to strike. Aggressive! This artist knows what he's doing.

Thanks to my Sick-Leave conversion, i got this f*cker needle-painted on my skin. Yes, sobrang masakit! hehe thanks for being with me, kahit sa pono lang, medyo naibsan ang sakit just hearing your voice.

The Name

You said I have to take care of it by applying petroleum jelly before and after shower. Naks! And you named it Wushu, after the dragon sidekick of Mulan. Chinese ba talaga yun beh o French? hehe

The Date

There could be no better date than valentines day. First, I dont have a date. Why? because, second, that was the weekend when you are going home and talk to your girlfriend about the closure i've been asking. Yun ang pinakamahabang weekend para sa akin. The pain of getting a tattoo would help to forget what's going on. Dami pumasok sa isip ko nun beh. What if mali hinala ng friends mo? What if she wants you back? Not wanting to let you go... I was on mental labor. In pain, under and over my skin. Until you said you're going back to Malibay. You have talked and reached a closure. Parang nanganak ako bigla nung binalita mo yun. Nawala lahat yung takot at sakit. Nakalimutan ko.

Honestly beh. I shed a few tears for having Wushu and for finally having you for keeps. Now, I'm a mother to a dragon tattoo. And next to your dad, now I'm the man of your life.

- nonoy
PS if not for that fortune night i asked about your tattoo, we would have not meet at all...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Only In My Heart...

Stripped am I when I hear you call my name
Unadorned to the essence of your touch I quiver
Detached from reality that surrounds me I wonder
What is our purpose?
As if a purpose is needed for us to exists
Proud is just a feeling that seems to caress my ego
Whenever you glimpse at my soul
Inflamed with compassion when you share your fears with me
I would be the cloth that would soak up all your tears
So allow me to embrace your manhood
For you give true meaning to that title that so many find complicated
Underrated are your abilities to carry life and make it breath, so
Worshiping our existence as if we are two moons without stars
I glance at the possibility to find a universe that may create our galaxy
And yet the only star that seems to shine is the one that twinkles from your stare
Aware of what is expected I am at your beckon call
For all the fears we share of love long past
Can only cripple those who choose to whither
So let us sit and enjoy the beauty of each other's touch
And gaze at each other's spirit
Cause time has no seconds to create more minutes
Of our hour's that turn into days and make up our weeks
That seem to feel like moments
For I would travel to the ends of this earth
Just to feel your touch and see your smile...
missin' you always bhe...

Summer is almost here...

You have your own out-of-town trip on March 6 and I have my own.

I really wish we're together. But we have scheduled these trips way before we met...

You're headed to La Union to enjoy friends' company surfing, and I'm going to Palawan to visit some family.

Im not sure if sea or ocean can separate us. Thanks to Smart and Globe we can still keep in touch. I wonder everytime you pick your surfboard, you'd see my face drawn in the sand. Or if i explore the Underground River, i'd see your shadow behind some stalagmite. I know i'll think about you. But thinking about the days when you're not around, I just miss you more.

Starting to miss you now...

- nonoy

Beh, oks naman ang title...

Excited ka na umuwi? Hehe Wala masyado magawa dito sa office. Kahit naka leave ako kahapon, dami ko pa rin nagawa sa office after kita ihatid, kaya eto, wala akong naabutan na gagawin. I checked my emails and replied to some and scheduled some tasks for tomorrow and next week.

Kumalikot ng browser habang may oras at sinimulan tong blog na plano natin gawin. Medyo natagalan magisip ano title kasi ka txt lang kita ngayon.

I chose Malibay Islanders cause that's something common to us. We both live in this corner of Pasay and we are both from the Visayas. Im glad you like the title and sent me a text message of your approval. But your idea is actually good... hehe Lovers in Malibay would spell bounds of sweetness. I just thought, let's tame the title and instead let's fill the posts with love...

Can't wait til you get home and post your first entry. Muwah!

- nonoy


Not sure how to start. So I'll just end it with this:

More days and weeks and months and years to come!!!

Palangga ta guid ka...

- nonoy